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Culture is what remains when everything is forgotten ! This maxim is also true in the province of Siena - except that here nothing is forgotten !

MURLO & Poggio Civitate :
Etruscans lived here between the and the centuries BC in a Villa dating from the so-called “orientalising”. (When they left the place, they burned everything down. Now, the archaeologists have pieced together the plan of the main buildings.) You can see this marvellous work at the antiquarium located at Murlo, such a lovely little village, long ago the summer residence of bishops of Siena. Even children love this attractive museum.



The Campo, The Duomo, The hospital of Santa Maria della scala Museum, different palaces,…For a day, or a week, you should be sure to return to Siena. …Siena is a gift- or even an addiction.

SANT'ANTIMO : Romanesque “The singing stones”. French “Premontre’s monks” decided to create here a center for Gregorian Chanting.

SAN GALGANO : Cistercian and marvellous. The only example of the gothic style in Italy. It is half ruined, but what a ruin ! Montesiepi, The rock where Galgano plug his sword.

MONTE OLIVETO MAGGIORE : A Benedictine monastery. The cloister is beautifully embellished with Sodoma and Signorelli frescoes depicting the live of S.Benedict.

MONTALCINO : “The Place” where to taste the Brunello (One of the best Italian wines)

PIENZA : An incredible example of Renaissance urbanism, in accordance with Pope Pie II ideals.

MONTEPULCIANO : The highest city in the province of Siena. So much amplitude !

So authentic, so romantic and..

A small thermal city, Catherine de Siena’s favourite one.

SAN QUIRICO D'ORCIA : An example of harmony, peace and tranquillity.

TORRI :The nicest cloister you will ever see !

Not forgetting all the spas, the natural reserves, the famous white roads (without asphalt) which will take you for kilometres, across landscapes, like if you were in another time and on another planet (like the Crete Senesi). Certainly, an incredible unknown landscape !
Tuscan landscapes are renowned allover the world! However, too few people know that the image of the Tuscan landscape they have in mind will be found mainly at the south of Siena. From the Crete Senesi which inspired Dante when he wrote "The Hell" to the Val d'Orcia, first landscape World Heritage Site by Unesco; by car, vespa, bike or on foot and from dawn to sunset, crossing these landscapes will move you!

The cuisine of the province of Siena comes from the one of the contadini (farmers). As for a very long time they were pretty poor, you won’t find here a rich sauces made of butter or cream. Only a natural nourishing product that can’t affect your figure. It is based on cereals, olive oil, tomatoes and wine. As the country is full of game, it is easy to find game (wild animals and birds ) and excellent deli meat. For the good days, beef meat reigns supreme. As far as cheese is concerned, ‘pecorino’ cheeses (from sheep milk) of various kinds are available .

Cereals: first come the three main local specialties of pasta: pici (full fat macaroni), papardelle (wide tagliatelle) and ravioli maremmani (stuffed with spinach and ricotta). The sauce, "sugo", is often called "della nonna", as each family has a secret recipe in the matter. Then the farro, spelt wheat, favoured by nutritionists and served in cold salad for the summer, au gratin or in a soup for winter and accommodated with the remains of the fridge. Only bread alone could be a problem: it is not salty. As salt was very expensive (salt tax) and meats, cheese and brine were already salted, there was no need to add salt in the bread!
In the woods: mushrooms (in October-November-December) and berries

The vegetable garden: tomatoes reddened by the sun, zucchinis (with their flowers), squashes, eggplants, cucumbers, chards... to eat without moderation. A little garlic and some onions will do the rest, especially accompanied with basilic and olive oil without forgetting sage, rosemary, pepper and other spices.

Fruits: Of all kinds.

Wine: There are the so-called "super-Tuscan" and the others. The local wine is much more than honest, it is true, natural and drinkable with a nice taste of mixed-berry.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you want to cook in your apartment, we are at your disposal to give you some recipes and good shopping addresses. Otherwise there are plenty of restaurants, depending on your needs and your budget, we will help you choosing.
For food:
- Tuscan meat is top quality: Tuscan ham, wild boar sausages (cinghiale), finochiana scented with fennel, collonato lardo (bacon refined in Carrara marble) and Cinta Senese, an animal between the pig and wild boar, which breeding and production are strictly controlled to give a product "on top".
- The pecorino or rather pecorini (cheese of sheep milk) as it comes in various forms: Young, mid-young, old, extra old, refined fennel, sage, truffle, nuts, ...
- Olive oil. Do not hesitate to try several as the soils are diverse and then when skilled, compare it with ours.
- Wine. We are located in the area of Chianti Colli Senese and you can taste those wines without problem. We are neighbors of Montalcino and Brunello (the Rosso is very decent and much cheaper), Montepulciano and Vino Nobile (Thierry’s favorite wine - after his own one).
- Cookies: Ricciarelli, Cavalucci, Panforte di Siena and Cantucci that you can dip in a glass of Vin santo.
- Bulk: The farro (spet wheat), truffles, saffron, funghi porcini (boletus), ...

For the house:
- Terracotta in all its forms, majolica, wrought iron, towels or linen sheets, articles in olive, crystal, ...

For you:
It's very simple, simply go to Siena and walk on “the Corso”, the main shopping street downtown, around 6 P.M. An unforgettable experience, to make and remake without moderation.

The "Outlet":
For bargains, take a stroll through the "outlet village" with shops of brands at reduced rates throughout the year. -
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